A Branchless Tree and a Gloating Princess

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Princess Maple and I discovered  a new and glorious high-point of the palace! (We’ve lived in the palace since we were babies, so it is a smidge of an embarassment that it has taken us eight months to notice this purr-ticular high-point, which has practically been under our noses the whole time.) No matter, though — the most important thing is that we found it! If not for the tree that Miss. Meezer’s father made especially for us, we many never have noticed! (Yay for Grampa Meezer!)

The tree doesn’t have branches and leaves like the trees outside, but it smells like a tree and feels like a tree! I kind of wish it did have branches, because then I could climb all the way to the top without having to yowl for the boy’s help. (He’s usually not far though, and he never minds giving me a little push to the top). Princess Maple, on the other hand, is so tiny that she can actually balance at the very top of the tree without even falling. She rubs this in every chance she gets. (For the record — I don’t think gloating is very becoming of a Princess.)

 fargo-and-maple-feb-08-6.jpg Here, you can see Princess Maple perched from the new high-point. (Can you see her gloating? She’s definately gloating.)

maple-feb-08-9.jpg  I overheard Miss. Meezer telling a friend that she plans on getting some type of special rope to wind around the tree so that Fargo (that’s me) can climb the tree, too. I can’t wait! (We’ll just see who’s gloating then, now won’t we!) For now, Princess Maple seems to think that she’s the Queen of the castle. Just look at her in this photo. Shameless gloater. Pfft.

fargo-and-maple-feb-08-5.jpg  Eventually, Maple got a little loney at the top. (I guess this must be where that expression comes from.) She joined me on common ground below, and then Miss Meezer built us a fort. 

fargo-and-maple-feb-08-14.jpg  I’ll admit, at first I wanted to be petty and have the fort all to myself. (My feelings were still sore from Princess All-That-And-A-Bag-Of-Chips making fun of my weight).

fargo-and-maple-feb-08-16.jpg  But then, Miss Meezer gave me a soothing belly rub and reminded me that I was a gentle and beautiful boy… so naturally, my hasty-side softened and I invited Maple to join me in the fort.

p1020775.jpg  Later, Princess Maple apologized for being a gloating Princess, and I apologized for secretly wishing she would fall from the tree. (*snicker*) Then, we curled up in our favourite chair and napped for a long time. (All that playing tuckered us out.) 

 My next entry… I shall tell you more about the Boy.  🙂 



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img00039.jpg  Hi there, and thanks for dropping by! My name is Sir Fargo Fetchellero the Fifth, Duke of Primrose. My friends (and humans) call me Fargo. (I’m the larger Siamese in this photo above… we are only a month apart in age.)

 *Click on any of the photos to see them in larger-view*

My lady’s name is Maple, which is short for Her-Royal Highness Maple-Blue, Princess of Primrose. If you’re addressing her, I would recommend using her full title… better to err with caution with such matters. (I’m just saying.)

Our human (we call her Miss. Meezer) takes snapshots of us quite regular. So if you visit us often, you will have the pleasure of viewing all of our good-sides. (Just so you know, we don’t have bad-sides. We are Siamese, after all).

Since you’ve stopped by, I’m assuming you already have some interest in Siamese cats (who could blame you), so allow me to educate you on the particulars of our ancestors and breed. We’re simple really, yet complicated.

maple-feb-08-4.jpg  My lady is a Classic-Siamese. She was born on May 5th, 2007. Although she doesn’t look it in this photo, she’s really quite a dainty little Princess and smaller than the average girl of her breed. She weighs about 5 pounds, soaking wet. (Not that we’ve actually tested out the soaking wet theory… nobody in the Palace is that crazy. (She may be small, but she’s feisty!)

The Classic-Siamese is just like the Traditional-Siamese in two ways: they are both naturalbreeds (not mucked with from human-breeders to alter their DNA… grrrowwwl) and both their ancestors come from Thailand. (Interesting fact: the name Siamese comes from the leader of Siam of Thialand). Yes, we are somewhat of a royal blood. However, contrary to popular myth, we are not stuck-up or nasty. (We simply know how to get what we want… because we are brilliant.) The difference between the Classic-Siamese and the Traditional-Siamese (sometimes called the Apple-head… no doubt derived by some lame-brain human who wouldn’t know an apple from a cat) is basically in bone structure and size. My lady, for example, has enormous ears compared to a Traditional-Siamese. (Between you and me, she looked a lot like a bat when she was a baby-princess). Her legs and arms seem longer too, and her body is very lean and sleek. (You would probably say she needs to put on a few pounds, because she looks skinny… particularly when she’s standing next to me.)

fargo-aug-07-3.jpg  And speaking of me! I am a Traditional-Balinese. I was born on March 28th, 2007.

There are a few misconceptions about my breed. Allow me to clear those up, so you can spread the word with certainty when you’re telling your friends about me… Fargo… the fetching Balinese.

The only difference between me and a Traditional-Siamese is the length of my fur. (Well… that, and the matter of my devilish looks… but that just goes without saying.) There are two theories about how the longer fur (like mine) came about: one is that there was some hanky-panky going on in the wood shed between my great-great-great-great-great-great-great (you get the idea) grandmother (who would have been a Traditional-Siamese) and a rebel, Turkish Angora. Frankly… I find this utter hear-say, and there is not one ounce of proof. Show me some proof! That’s what I say! Anyway… the other theory is that there is a natural mutation in the Siamese DNA, which still does not make much sense, but somehow easier for me to digest. You see, Traditional-Siamese ladies have been giving birth to “fuzzy kittens” for a bajillion years! It all comes down to one little X factor (or is it Y factor…? I’m not sure). One little gene, anyway. If the mother (or father) of the “short-haired Traditional-Siamese” carries the gene to produce a long-haired baby… voila… a Balinese can be produced. There were far more fuzzy babies born a bazillion year ago from short-haired Traditional-Siamese cats, though… because a bazillion years ago, we did not have human-breeders on every corner tinkering and perfecting our DNA, like we do today. (Grrrroowwwwl.) (Did you know that a bazillion years ago, it was not uncommon for a Siamese cat to have a crooked tail and crossed eyes? I know… crrrrazy! (And Princess Maple… if you catch her off guard… I swear her eyes are crossed, sometimes! Don’t tell her I said that… she’s liable to have me beheaded!)

Anyway, I’m tally-wagging from the point. It was a lady breeder (in the 1950’s, I think) who gave us a name of our own. (Before she came along… fuzzy-kittens would be discarded as unfit… can you imagine? The horror!!) To make a long story short (or is that short-fur long?), she and another breeder put their heads together (and their felines) and brought about breeding long haired Siamese cats. The lady decided to call the breed after the Balinese dancers (no relation to Bali)… and thus… here we are.

Oh, and one more thing about my breed. I AM NOT PERSIAN. Yes, there is a man-made breed out there called the Himalayan, which is a mix of the Traditional-Siamese and the basic, lame-brain Persian. Beautiful cat… but frankly… dumb as a sack of hammers. The Siamese have been copied by many breeders for their unique markings… but let’s just say, that is where the similarity ends with me and the Himalayan, k?

 persian-himalayan.jpgLet’s take a closer look, shall we? This is a Himalayan. (Let’s call him, Joe). Just look at that vacant stare; that scrunched in face; that thick wad of fur just waiting to be matted. Tsk Tsk Tsk).

fargo-aug-07-6.jpg Now this is me… a Balinese. (FYI: I love to skateboard!) *Don’t mind my eyes in this snapshot… it’s just that they’re so terrifically blue that even the snapper has a hard time capturing their brilliance.*

So, there you have it. Maple is a Classic Siamese (royal, dainty and sleek). I am a Traditional Balinese (long-haired siamese, robust, hearty and gorgeous).

All Siamese types (traditional, classic, wedge-head or Balinese) are quite similar. Firstly, we are brilliant. Seriously, we are smarter than dogs and most humans. (Do you know of any other cat that can devise their own web-space, speak English, and type 70 words per minute? Can YOU? I rest my case.) We have impeccable communication skills. Even if we must wake our human in the middle of the night by gently batting their cheek or yowling in their ear… we will go that extra mile to let them know what it is that we want. And we are truly quite fond of humans, especially our own, so we set out to getting them trained very early on.

Maple and I take great care of our Miss. Meezer. For example: we diligently escort her to the bathroom at all times. And although she sometimes closes the door (accidentally), we quickly put our handy locksmith skills to work before any danger can come to our human. We also warm her lap while she works on the computer (sometimes Maple even helps her type); we organize her papers (even laying upon them for good measure and taste-testing to ensure they are not poisonous); we assist with tying her shoe laces by providing a paw for the double loop); we investigate the cupboards for prowlers; we check the dresser draws for lost socks; we lead and survey her travels about the Palace to ensure her safety (especially when it’s dark in the Palace… despite the dangers, as she seems very trippy in the dark); and we guard her side at night (sometimes even sleeping just above or on-top of her head if we suspect trouble from the outside walls of the Palace). We also greet her at the Palace doors every evening with a full report of the day’s activities. Although, she has not yet developed an appreciation for our protocol of lunging outside the palace walls to ensure she is not being followed. (She still has much to learn, but we’ll remain patient). Because of our deep ancestral pull to protect those in our Palace, we must also explore and claim each and every high-point within our region. (We are particularly grateful to Miss. Meezer for providing helpful props, such as curtains and bookshelves.)

Well, that just about does it for this introduction. I hope you will return to visit, as I have many tails to tell. There’s never a dull moment in the purrrrfectly enchanting Primrose Palace. (And I haven’t even told you about the Boy, yet!) I really should get going though, as Princess Maple is beckoning me to join her, and who am I to argue with a Princess?


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